Sunday, 29 May 2011

The evil church of Malta

If there was any doubt left about the evil nature of the Catholic church, it should have been dispelled by its actions during the divorce campaign, with the bishops rubbing salt into the wound by issuing an apology after it was too late to affect the results - although MaltaToday bravely decided to risk legal consequences by publishing it despite the embargo.

If you apply the Catholic Church's own rules on confession to this apology you'll see their hypocrisy. It's like someone is involved in planning a robbery and omits to mention anything to the priest at the confession until after the robbery is completed. Would the confessor consider that as a genuine confession of someone who is sorry for what he did?

The bishops could have published the apology on Thursday. The fact that they didn't means that, despite knowing the harm that they were doing, they intentionally let it continue until it was too late, then apologised after. Is that a real, genuine, heartfelt apology or is it damage control?

I have no doubt that many people will still follow the church, just as there are people who still follow Angelik despite knowing he used his own blood and kitchen oil on the statue.

Malta's greatest enemy at this point in time is the Roman Catholic Church. It has many Maltese people blinkered so that they cannot see the chains that bind them. I only hope that in this dirty campaign, some blinkers fell off.

It is clearer now than ever before that the constitution of Malta, which entrusts the Catholic church with teaching which principles are right and which are wrong, needs to be revised. The church has shown time and again that it does not deserve this honour. For any entity to teach morality it must first practice what it preaches.

The church has shown its true face. It's all smiles and warmth when things are going its own way, but when the going gets tough, even the Sicilian mafia can learn a thing or two from these men of the cloth.